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Innovating Healthcare Data Analytics

Combining actuarial, computer, and data science to lead the industry in delivering Data Science as a Service (DSaaS) technology solutions.

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Insights in Action

Our mission is to improve client health outcomes and reduce employee out-of-pocket expenses. Leveraging our proprietary machine learning and AI techniques, we fulfill this mission daily.

Our Methods

Who we are

  1. An elite team of data scientists: educated at the most prestigious programs in the United States in the field of advanced software development, machine learning,
    and AI.

  2. Seasoned, problem-solving professionals at the intersection of analytics, healthcare, and software development.

  3. Experts in data warehousing advancement linking leading research and development teams.

About us

  1. Bio
  2. Data Science
  3. Computer Science
  4. Actuarial Science
  1. Benefits Science Technologies sits on the leading edge of analytics, healthcare, and machine learning. We augment decisions with actionable insights to predict costs, manage risk and deliver prescriptive solutions.

    Using machine learning and state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, designed by our elite data science team, we increase quality of care and reduce plan costs.

  2. At our core, we are a DSaaS (Data Science as a Service) company dedicated to solving the ails of the healthcare industry. Our data science team represents the best in optimization research.

  3. We lead innovation by cultivating an elite staff of computer scientists who work closely with academics at the forefront of data science and robust optimization.

  4. With experience in actuarial science, we are a trusted partner in the healthcare industry. Our actuarial team ensures accuracy and statistical reliability across all service offerings.

I am a/an…

  1. Employer
    Granting easy access to claims data, we enable employers to make plan design decisions through comprehensive reports and prescriptive recommendations
  2. Broker/Consultant
    We arm brokers/consultants with prescriptive analytics and financial insights that show how clinical decisions impact their client’s healthcare plans.
  3. Major & Regional Medical Carrier
    We enable carriers to eliminate risk and uncertainty with detailed insights from the cutting edge of actuarial science.
  4. Pharmacy Benefit Manager
    We help PBMs bring value to clients by optimizing formulary costs and employer quality of care.
  5. Stop-Loss Carrier
    We offer precise risk insight to elevate stop-loss carriers, resulting in an improved proposal, front-end DTQ support, and underwriting experience.
  6. Cost Containment Solution
    We help cost containment vendors by helping develop an ROI story, leveraging data science for product improvement, and offering distribution partnership opportunities.
  7. Supplemental Carrier
    We provide supplemental carriers with an understanding of group quote risks and best-in-class claiming solutions.
  8. Benefit Administrator
    We support benefit administrators’ abilities to engage with members through detailed claims review, backend support of plan decision tools, and enhanced member communication processes.

Healthcare in Action

Understanding what drives your costs, we provide unique tools to manage your healthcare benefits program effectively. Our machine learning models allow us to examine every option and outcome to reduce costs and improve quality of care. Not only do we analyze millions of possible plan configurations, but we also determine the best individual solution by applying our proprietary modeling techniques

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