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Propelling Technology Forward for Over 20 Years

Today’s health plan solutions mostly follow advancing technologies, which BST creates.

BST’s data science team is regarded as one of the leading analytics, optimization, and computer science teams globally. Our co-founder, Dr. Dimitris Bertsimas, co-director of the Operations Research Center at MIT, has co-authored more than 220 scientific papers in optimization, data mining, applied probability, and quantitative finance and has written 4 textbooks that are used in over 40 universities globally.

Seen as an early pioneer in healthcare analytics, Dr. Bertsimas helped create the leading healthcare analytics tool D2Hawkeye in 2001. Since BST’s inception in 2012, the team has developed advanced and proprietary techniques to solve complex healthcare decisions.

BST continues to innovate analytical solutions with our proprietary prescriptive analytics (Plan Optimizer) to answer the question “What now?” for plan owners.

We combine proprietary techniques (supervised and unsupervised machine learning algorithms) with advanced data science and predictive modeling to augment traditional actuarial science.

producing timely insights into global risk factors within a population. BST provides accurate assessments of plan performance and enhances the ability to manage plans responsively.

Our association with the Operations Research Center at MIT ensures our continued role in leading analytics advancement, optimization, and computer science technologies to solve problems in the healthcare space.

Data Science is Evolving and Changing Everything

We Help power tomorrow’s mathematical corporation today.

Projected to grow exponentially in the coming years, the healthcare decision space involves massive volumes of complex data. Advanced analytics solves these complex math problems through advanced analytics, but speed is a limiting factor.

BST combines faster computing power with our proprietary algorithms to deliver insights about your plan. We solve MIOs (Mixed Integer Optimizations) 800 billion times faster since 1999.

How 1 + 1 + 1 = 800 Billion

Solving complex problems faster isn’t a competitive advantage – it’s a business necessity.

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