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Data Science Research

Innovation Leaders…

Most healthcare solutions available today follow advancing technologies.
We create advancing technologies.

BST is built around a world-renowned data science team who have made primary contributions to mixed integer and robust optimization innovations, the key methodologies required to build prescriptive analytics. These industry-leading innovations began nearly 20 years ago when our co-founder, Dr. Dimitris Bertsimas helped create an early healthcare analytics platform. We continue to be at the forefront of research and theoretical advancements in the fields of advanced analytics to address the complexity of healthcare decisions. Our association with the Operations Research Center at MIT ensures ongoing innovation through a rigorous academic process.

Founded more than 60 years ago, MIT’s Operations Research Center (ORC) is the world’s premier graduate program in operations research (OR). ORC members have written the definitive textbooks in OR and analytics, applying advanced analytical methods – such as optimization, statistics, machine learning, and probability – to make better decisions that impact society and the world positively. The center has received numerous distinguished awards and fellowships for our academic achievements.

  1. Algorithmic Prediction of Health Care Costs

  2. Designing Clinical Trials for Cancer

  3. Measuring Quality in Diabetes Care

  4. Patterns of Heart Attacks
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