Data Science as a Service (DSaaS) Starts With Us


We ingest data from hundreds of existing sources: Medical, Rx, Biometric, Wellness, Ben Admin, Dental/Vision, Voluntary, etc.

We create elastic relational databases for each client and define relationships between customers, businesses, and carriers. Our integrated, flexible databases live in a highly secure Cloud-Based portal.

Analyze and Apply Data Science

After collection we analyze data, then apply our algorithms and machine learning techniques to offer solutions tailored to your needs with:

  1. Quality Analytics
    BST employs a series of proprietary quality algorithms that ensure they data you see is accurate and reliable.

  2. Descriptive Analytics
    We show you what’s going on inside your plan today. Clinical and financial data are weaved together to provide a deeper understand of plan performance.

  3. Predictive Analytics
    Our proprietary risk models give you the most accurate predictive insight into the risk of any population. Identify trends sooner and with greater confidence.

  4. Prescriptive Analytics
    BST stands apart as the leading prescriptive analytics provider in healthcare. We provide prescriptive solutions to hundreds of potential problem areas.

What problems are you looking to solve? What data around the problem is available? In your ideal world, what insight would you like to be able to provide to your clients?
These are the questions that we want to help you answer by employing our propreitary algorithms and data science capabilities.
For more insight into how BST can help you solve your data-related problems, please get in touch with one of our consultants.

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