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Price Transparency

At Benefits Science Technologies, we are revolutionizing healthcare with our groundbreaking price transparency solution, Panorama. This innovative data analysis engine and platform uses publicly available data and our powerful data science capabilities to provide users with the most reliable, highest quality, and most relevant pricing information.

Panorama is a powerful cloud-based software service from BST that makes accessing, analyzing, and utilizing massive Machine Readable Files (MRFs) easier than ever. Our world-class data science team has developed the revolutionary Panorama tool, which gives you on-demand access to the most likely real world codes, Medicare reference rates, provider quality scores, and other proprietary analytics. With Panorama, you can quickly and easily pinpoint the exact values you need.  Take the guesswork out of price transparency and experience the power of Panorama today!

Our comprehensive platform provides more than just access to MRF data–it offers a suite of built-in solutions that help you make optimal decisions.

Although transparency is the goal of this legislation, a major hurdle for any who want access to the data is its complexity. The MRF data set is massive! More than one quadrillion records and over a petabyte of data create a daunting challenge…but also an unprecedented opportunity for the industry.

BST took this challenge head on and has created a solution that gives users access to a sleek and fast tool that provides meaningful and relevant answers to your questions. We are excited to partner with you and your organization to make a lasting and positive difference in healthcare.

Panorama is designed with various healthcare industry stakeholder agendas in mind. BST clients use Panorama to negotiate better contracts, create optimal direct contracting arrangements, develop member guidance strategies, and build partnerships with the highest quality networks in their area.

Benefits Science is a leader in data science as a service (DSaaS). Our cutting-edge tools, including Panorama, are continuously being updated with the help of key industry partners. We are dedicated to providing data science solutions that help your firm stay ahead of the ever-evolving healthcare landscape.

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