We partner with the owners and managers of self-funded and fully insured health plans to manage their plans more effectively. 
  "We empower organizations to better manage their risk, improve the quality of their healthcare benefits, and truly reduce – not just shift – health plan costs. ”

- Neil Larson

Chief Strategy Officer

  • More access to data Faster and with more accuracy 

  • Do more in less timeAutomates tedious manual processes 

  • Smarter advice Advises with unprecedented accuracy 

  • Better predictionsMore accurate risk scoring 

  • Better reporting Clinical and financial (automated/customized) 

  • Present a point-of-view ‘What If’ scenarios tethered to plan design 

  • Expanded insights Validates data accuracy and ROI 

  • Evidence-based Applies math and science 

  • Health Plan Optimization Optimizes billions of choices 

We also help Stop-Loss Brokers, Wellness/Population Health Companies, Benefit Administrators, Providers, PEOs, Trusts and MEWAs gain a better understanding of the clinical and financial drivers of their health plan costs, and uncover evidence-based insights to make smarter decisions.

Our proprietary technologies look at more data, more often and with greater granularity – to predict risk faster and with more accuracy than traditional methods. Advanced automation removes much of the tedious process to collect, identify and report.  Above all else, our Plan Optimizer (unique to BST) provides specific, actionable recommendations, against owner specified criteria, to improve plan performance.  Contact BST to learn more