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Employers are responsible for managing all aspects of a benefit offering. From identification of plan design to selection of quality vendors, employers face tough decisions that determine a successful benefits package.

Problems BST is Solving for Employers

  1. Enhanced Support
  2. Improved Data Insights
  3. Plan Transparency
Enhanced Support

Partnering with their trusted advisors, employers are one click away from leveraging their claims data and BST’s data science tools for sound decisions on plan and program design.

Improved Data Insights

Through BST’s own benefit plan/vendor programming, employers can identify the highest-risk members for potential program solutions. Leveraging predictive modeling coupled with best practice sharing, employers can realize positive outcomes for their population.

Plan Transparency

Using BST’s Panorama tool, a state-of-the-art modeling tool allowing employers to effectively build provider and specialist networks, benefit plans become high quality with a low net cost.

How We Support Employers

  1. Data Warehouse
  2. Quality Analytics
  3. Descriptive Analytics
  4. Predictive Analytics
  5. Prescriptive Analytics
Data Warehouse

With 24/7 access to all relevant plan data, the warehouse allows employers to:

  • Access and analyze organizational plan data immediately.
  • Aggregate all relevant plan data for immediate or long-term use.
  • Securely store and access organizational data.
  • Normalize continuous in-depth data analysis.
  • Multi-period/lifetime storage/data blending.
Quality Analytics

BST solves the problems that many employers face with data discrepancies, member matching inconsistencies, outdated data validations, and slow processing times.  BST’s technology allows for:

  • The utilization of advanced data science to ingest data into a modern engine.
  • Comparisons among data sets to measure the quality and rationale of newly ingested data.
  • Optimal machine learning-based approaches that maximize true member matches and identify hard-to-match records.
  • The leveraging of computer power and speed to load monthly files in under an average of 3 minutes.
Descriptive Analytics

BST grants insight into global risk factors within a population by identifying high-cost drivers, historical patterns, and relationships at a granular level throughout the plan year. This enables employers to:

  • Gain access to large data sets quickly. With our tools, employers will see fresh, relevant, monthly data quicker than competitors, with access to data within 30 days of us receiving it.
  • Uncover emerging risks throughout the year.
  • Make unbiased, transparent, and cost-effective decisions.
  • Access to 200+ monthly reports data through a secure cloud-based platform.
  • Access automated monthly financial & clinical reports.
Predictive Analytics

BST provides high-level views of total block performance and enables drill-down views of individuals through critical metrics. Advanced analytics, machine learning, and optimization techniques allow employers to:

  • Gain insight into advanced risk models that predict future high-cost claimants.
  • Implement a financial forecasting model that can identify the drivers of next year’s plan in an efficient, automated, unbiased, transparent, and cost-effective way.
Prescriptive Analytics

BST stands apart in the analytics space because we provide specific, actionable client recommendations. Our Plan Optimizer considers millions of scenarios to arrive at an optimal plan design. We prescribe specific actions while considering the employer’s budgetary constraints and goals. Employers are enabled with:

  • Cutting-edge plan optimization tool that solves for a best plan based on budget constraints and health plan goals.
  • Smartcards recommendations, within the tool, that provide specific actions to take in order to address certain challenges in the current health plan.
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